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What is Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons is an innovative education model that is designed to build the aspirations of young people and support increased engagement in their learning. It equips students from Grade 5 to Year 9 with the skills and dispositions needed for a changing twenty first century economy through real world learning.

Student participation is rising:







Participation in the program is growing:


49 industry mentors

93 school teachers

The program has been developed over time 

  • 2017 External evaluation
  • 2018 Practice Report completed
  • 2019 Impact Framework initiated

Future business model and funding opportunities are currently being explored


The program was implemented in 2014 and was a joint commitment between the Department of Education and Training and local and state government leaders across Gippsland.


The program was established in response to the Regional Education Jobs and Skills Plan, 2012-2014 which released data to suggest the school retention rates for years 7-12 in the Gippsland Region were much lower than the Victorian state average.

What we do:

  • Build learning and career aspirations of the students
  • Develop the enterprise skills students will need to work in the future world of work
  • Contribute to Gippsland’s prosperity and growth 
  • Create a link between the curriculum and the workplace
  • Provide real-world learning opportunities by linking students with industry and community
Core Principles
Program Elements
Learning Model