New project partners

The program has developed new partnerships to support continued growth in the industry and educations sectors. New partnerships that provide links to industry, education and community sectors include;

GROW Gippsland
GROW Gippsland (Growing Regional Opportunities for Work) is a collaborative program that seeks to strengthen social and economic outcomes and increase job opportunities through procurement and employment across the Gippsland region. Broadening Horizons is a part of the GROW leadership group and plays a role in providing, and benefitting from, regional leadership thinking around innovation, education and enterprise skills development.

Gippsland Community Leadership Program
GCLP is a unique platform that brings together selected leaders from diverse backgrounds across the whole of Gippsland. It’s broad aim is to develop existing and emerging leaders and to provide an enhanced understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the region. In 2018 GCLP approached the Broadening Horizons program to support the trial of a mentoring program that required GCLP members, as part of their leadership learning to mentor and lead young people. Thus, Broadening Horizons provided a pathway for the GCLP to undertake the trials. The outcomes of the trial have led to the establishment of a mentor database consisting of GCLP members. Broadening Horizon’s has discussed a partnership with eth GCLP to access mentors for students across the Broadening Horizons network. The

Broadening Horizons team will attend a workshop with the GCLP in April 2019 to learn how to utilise the database and match mentors to students. The partnership has supported Broadening Horizons to strengthen its existing mentoring component and will provide a significant impact to student learning experiences within the program.

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