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Broadening Horizons delivers four professional development workshops that have continued and provide the opportunity to those working in the program to learn together and share best practice methods.  The workshops are developing into a Community of Practice. The commitment from partnerships to share practice and support one another through the community of practice retains key stakeholders and supports sustainability of the overall program. Using the understand, design, deliver and evolve framework to guide workshop content supports partnerships to consider elements associated with each stage of the learning model and enables them to implement ideas and make changes to their program. Participants include supporters, participants, potential partners and students from across Gippsland.  The content of the workshops has varied based on the needs articulated by those working in the Broadening Horizons program. The subject matter at workshops has included (and not limited to):

  • Industry / education partnerships:  What makes a sustainable partnership? Working ‘on’ and ‘in’ the partnership, formalising partnership agreements and understanding the elements that support the most effective partnerships.
  • Broadening Horizons Learning Model:  How is the model applied to student learning and how is it assessed?  How does the model underpin everything we do in the Broadening Horizons program?
  • Design thinking:  Exploration of design thinking tools and resources, case studies and design thinking in education / industry models.
  • Community of Practice:  How is Broadening Horizons a community of practice?  How does it strengthen what we do?
  • Industry investment:  How does the Broadening Horizons program support the future world of work?
  • Enterprise skills development in students:  Exploration of assessment frameworks and implementation into the existing cirriculum.  
  • Skills development in the workforce:  Working with industry to strengthen the link between industry needs and ensuring needs align with Broadening Horizons program delivery.
  • Mentoring:  How does mentoring increase the value of Broadening Horizons Program for students, schools and industry partners?
  • Rapid design thinking for students and sharing of experiences

In 2018 the project Advisory Group endorsed the delivery of two orientation programs per year.  The orientation programs are offered to all new and existing participants and are offed to both industry employees and schools.  The purpose of the orientation programs is to ensure industry employees and educators understand the program, program elements and how the program is important to their work.  The orientation programs typically follow the following subject matter;

  • The Broadening Horizons Learning model and how it underpins everything we do.
  • The benefits of being part of the Broadening Horizons network.
  • The background and context of the Broadening 
  • Horizons project.

The Broadening Horizons partnership model, tips, resources and support on how you can work best with your industry or school partner.

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