Working with disadvantaged groups

Broadening Horizons is offered across entire co-horts within in schools and as such includes providing young people who are at risk of poor outcomes the opportunity to build their aspiration and become more engaged in their education.  Additionally, many schools within the Broadening Horizons program, including Traralgon College and Maffra Secondary College have worked with community and social welfare organisations as industry partners where students have worked with and learnt about the challenges faced by disadvantges groups in the community.  For organisations such as Interchange Gippsland who provide services to those who have a disability, providing their younger clients with disabilities the opportunity to work with young people, of similar age, at Traralgon College has been an extremely valuable experience – breaking down the barriers and challenges that people with a disability face.  This particular partnership has also enabled young people to connect regardless of their circumstances. These examples highlight how Broadening Horizons cuts across disadvantage and has a valuable in breaking down barriers and connecting people within communities.

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